Over 30 Years Of Experience At The Helm

Teona Spa was founded by Edmode Sidibe-Jones in 2007. She achieved Master of Spa and Beauty status in the South of France before arriving in Turks and Caicos and has worked in the Spa Industry for more than 30 years.  With her in charge you can rest assured you will get only the finest, world class spa treatments.

The Treatments

Teona Spa treatments are inspired by these ancient practices of Mediterranean, Asian, African and Indian cultures, and incorporates the “treasures” found  in the Caribbean paradise of Turks & Caicos.  The team at Teona Spa combines – different plant extracts and savoir faire in their craft with fabulous riches of the ocean. With new technologies to create the best blend of experiences for our time.

Teona Spa is perched just a stone’s throw from the Caribbean Sea. Edmonde has a deep belief in the healing powers of water. “The closer to the ocean one is, the more the spirit of healing is present”.  This water-based philosophy is apparent in the Teona Spa product line.

A good share of the products used in a Teona Spa therapy sessions come from France and Africa. “Much of what we use is comprised of algae elements and extracts. Our mud is imported from the Dead Sea in Israel. Our products, treatments, and therapies exude an overall feeling of being close to the ocean”.

The Spa

Teona means “spirit of peace” and this feeling is immediately evident upon entering the chateau-like Spa located on the property of the Villa Renaissance hotel.

Edmonde believes that our surroundings contribute to our state of mind, that’s why Teona Spa is a place of relaxation, where the mind, body and spirit can recuperate from our stressful daily lives.

The Team

Teona Spa has recruited a team of highly trained and specialized therapists, with knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years, who will meet your needs and guide you throughout your extraordinary journey.

Ready for a tropical spa experience like no other?